I'am Davide Vincelli

I'm Davide Vincelli, called Davìd. I am a Neapolitan, I am 27 years old and a hereditary passion for photography. I owe this spark to my father who, before leaving forever, handed down to me the value of the individual moments to be grasped in life. For 12 years, I have dedicated myself to photography. Today, divided between profession and passion, I never abandon my camera. Through the shots, I can find my size and my expressiveness. My photography follows exclusively my gaze on the world and my deep feelings. And please do not tell me that black is not a color. In my opinion, the absence of light is the most beautiful color that can be immortalized. One of my favorite artists is Caravaggio who, through lights and shadows, tells the reality in an incredible way. From this extraordinary artist, I also accepted the "memento mori" philosophy that tells of the fleetingness of beauty, of the time that corrodes it and of the triumph of death over life.

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